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In software development, we offer our clients services using a variety of specific programming technologies and platforms. In addition to commercial technologies, we offer development services for open source solutions and mobile solutions. We currently cover the following technology groups:
  • Microsoft (..NET, MVC, …)
  • embedded and real-time technologies
  • SAP
while in the construction phase there is a team covering Java and related technologies.

Open source
Increasingly, the strategy of our clients is to use open source technologies, by which they are increasing the transparency of their projects and interoperability, as well as reducing investment costs. In such cases, we help our customers implement open source platforms (Linux, Apache, MySql) and programming languages (Java, Python, PHP, Ruby, Perl, etc.). Very often we combine commercial and open source technologies in our projects, so that, on the one hand, we protect past customer investments, and on the other hand we ensure optimal benefit to the client and to develop state-of-the-art solutions.

Mobile Applications
An additional trend in the IT world is mobility, so almost every project is inconceivable without support for mobile devices, tablets or smartphones. Therefore, an integral part of all our services and support is also the development of mobile applications on any mobile platform - iOS, Android or Windows.

Besides the high level of expertise in specific technologies, and thanks to the wide network of partners covering a range of domains and clients, we bring the added value of domain knowledge in areas such as telecommunications, B2B collaboration portals, industry process technologies, automotive industry, utilities, etc.
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