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Technology partners:

Commondo d.o.o. participates in the Microsoft BizPark program. With this, we are provided an opportunity to participate equally in the Microsoft community, and have access to information, development tools, forums and other mechanisms, which enable us to work effectively with Microsoft technologies and to implement them into our projects.

A partnership with SAP is in the works.

Delivery partners:
Commondo has built a network of partners with which it is able to form project teams optimally and quickly. Currently in the network, there are about a dozen partners with some 50 experts from various fields. Besides the ability to offer optimal capacity in this way, at all times we are able to offer domain knowledge that is needed by the client. Among our partners there are individuals, freelancers and companies from Croatia and Southeast Europe, thus providing the basic principle of our near-shore activities.
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Sales partners:
Commondo is building a network of sales partners in target markets of Western Europe. Partnership at the moment is limited to only a few partners, so we are open to further cooperation. We are open to the following types of partnerships:
  • resale partnership – where the partner represents / sells Commondo services and products to clients
  • project cooperation – where the partner, together with Commondo, offers joint services or products
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