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Our IT engineering services cover complete project life cycle and follow all project phases: design, implementation and maintenance. It covers change management process as well as implementation of additional project requirements and modifications. We dedicate special attention to the preparation of projects, managing the technical requirements of the client and the careful planning of projects, as well as conducting projects in a quality manner.

Design phase initiate the project preparing all necessary technical project documentation based on customers requirement. Basically development of the functional target specification (technical design) based on the user requirement specification will be covered in this phase. These documentation will be usually worked out in close cooperation with customer on customer’s site.

Implementation services customize or develop IT solutions, assets and processes and then integrate them with established infrastructure and processes. There are some examples of activities during this process stage:
  • conduct the realization of the specified IT systems or IT application
  • implementation (incl. customizing, software & interface development and documentation)
  • testing
  • integration
  • deployment (roll-out)
Maintain services provide a wide variety of application services, processes and methodologies for maintaining, enhancing and managing custom applications, packaged software applications or network-delivered applications. Examples for those services are:
  • manage improvements aimed at maintaining the efficiency of IT systems or IT applications (change requests)
  • develop the functional target specification (technical design) of the change request
  • conduct the realization of the specified change request
Project management
Depending on business model project management might be part of our offer. Project management performs all coordination activities regarding projects issues and milestones, but also covers all affairs regarding local team management in case of off-site projects. Usually team lead tasks might be covered by (senior) solution architect in smaller projects.
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